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Broshield Llc is an emerging leader and IT solutions and service provider across the globe. We envision a better and secure lifestyle for all internet users. We have now come up with Bro-Shield, a necessity of today’s digital world.

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The Internet

Spoofing, An ugly side of the Internet

It is a simple yet effective Anti-Spoofing tool for households as well as commercial Internet-connected devices.
Incidents of spoofing, hacking, and stealing the data from computers are not new in the USA and Canada. Spoofing heard among almost all internet users. There is a constant fear among the parents, young adults, and frequent internet users regarding their privacy and security and firewalls against spoofing activities.
Many US agencies have reported more than 3,00,000 Spoofing incidents every day in the last few years. The Internet has just become more scary and harmful, yet something completely unavoidable. The dependencies on the Internet for entertainment, studies, and work have increased as more people are opting to work from remote locations.
Senior citizens and teens are among the common prey of this spoofing activity. It further leads to leaking sensitive data, to hacking on their systems and manipulating with highly secure banking transactions. There have been reports of spoofing used to mask illegal activities and their source.

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Bro-Shield – A must have
Anti Spoofing firewall.

Anti Spoofing Firewall

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