Best Parental Control Software & Internet Filter

Protect your family from harmful and inappropriate sites on the internet, set screen time, block and restrict activities that include online frauds, suspicious activity alerts and help parent to have control on the internet.

The Best Parental Control to Keep Your Kids and Family Safe Online

Live Monitoring

It is associated with the advance feature of live monitoring the activity of the user while using the services of internet. And through this you can keep an eye on what kind of content your kid is exposed to.

Content Restriction

Restriction on adult websites and harmful content is in your hand. Therefore the user is secured from malicious content and websites.


The software allows you to control the duration of your internet access. The activity over the internet becomes managerial and controllable with the help of this parental control system.

Best Parental Control Software

Innovations of BroShield provide the user satisfactory results:

How Broshield actually Safeguards?

Parental Monitoring

Parents are now free from a habit of continuous watching of their child’s activity . It reduces the work load of parents and help them to manage their child’s activity from a distant as well.

Web Firewall

It filters the content on the internet according to the users’ restriction. So the parents do not have to worry all the time.

Censored adult content

The USP of the software gives an upper-hand by censoring adult and malicious websites, contents and URLs. It works like a adult web blocker. It can be best used as a parental protection.

Managing access over internet

Giving the control to the parents over their activity by setting up the duration they spend on browsing.

Block irrelevant apps

With this, an application containing malicious and adult content gets blocked

Restrict websites

The website that is inappropriate according to the norms is restricted immediately with the activation of such software.

The #-1 Rated Internet Filter

Broshield protects your kids from viewing unsafe content and lets them browse online safe and secure. You can keep eye on the web searches your kid is exposed to. It also have parental apps for children’s phones. Parents consider Broshield app as a best parental control app for restricting their children from watching adult content on Mobiles.

The usage of BroSheild provides an effective control over the child’s activity on internet despite from letting them free while browsing anything on it. It is one of the best softwares which filter all sorts of adult content, videos, pictures in order to safeguard the users’ interest. The additional feature launched by BroShield for the parents is that – it gives them an opportunity to set the duration in which their children can have the access over internet. Parental control services are the first step to take when you want to keep your kids from using the internet and devices that might distract them while they're studying or just relaxing. While this may seem like a daunting task, it is actually much easier than you think, as there are many different options with parental control services for all devices, like smartphones and computers. Broshield parental control software is one of them. It works like adult web blocker and helps you to take control of your kids devices.

Bring attention to your kids where they require the most.

Commonly asked questions

Web Restriction is best used to block improper content for the kids, preventing them from accidentally wandering into the darker side of the internet. It’s one of the best parental control software for windows 10 PC. There are the following ways to put parental control on your home network.

  • One of the easiest ways to set up parental controls is by configuring them on your router as your router functions as the choking point where all the Internet traffic for your network flows through. Thus, setting up parental controls here will allow you to perform web filtering for all the devices on your home network.
  • You can also use third-party software like Broshield parental control for home network which will allow the parent to control the internet access by their kids. It will restrict every improper website or application that is harmful.

Broshield is one of the easiest and best software to monitor a child’s internet usage. It is easy to install and lets parents manage their child’s screen time, filter online content, block certain apps and websites. It also has features that allow the parent to monitor his kid’s online activity.

Yes, a user can put a parental lock on wifi to secure his family from the darker side of the internet. He can go to the router’s web-based configuration pages and set up the parental controls for your network. Many routers don’t include parental controls, but you can use windows settings to set up parental controls on any router. Even third-party software like Broshield allows the user to set the parental lock on the device for limiting the use of the internet by their kids.

You can use software like Broshield that restricts and blocks inappropriate and harmful content. Broshield blocks every kind of adult content from browsing. It is one of the best adult web blockers that will prevent your computer from any type of spyware attacks caused due to the opening of an adult or inappropriate website.