Turn off Real Time Protection Windows 10

Turn off real time protection Windows 10

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The device you are using is always open to harmful threats that can damage the device or cause the leakage of the date. The programs providing protection from such malware have played an important role in defending these kinds of threats and therefore many users started using the software since the first famous outbreak of the virus that led to mass attention through media coverage. Now, Windows with its Computer has also added a good antivirus system that works pretty decently in Windows 10. And similar to any other antivirus, this internal antivirus also has the potential to block suspicious applications. Many users find it as a problem, especially while adding or downloading certain files. The only solution here are these methods to turn off the real time protection Windows 10[1].

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As said in the introduction, the set-up works in stopping suspicious items from entering the Windows computer. There may be a case, that the way your file is behaving or programmed, has some similarities to the viruses or any other malware detected and has added in the memory of this antivirus, which may cause it to block the file or software.

But sometimes, what you are adding to your computer may have real malware. So, be cautious while doing the following activity regarding turn off the real-time protection in Windows 10.

Methods to Turn off Real Time Protection Windows 10

Windows provide the easiest way to turn off the protection on a temporary basis, which may allow you to download or add the file or program of your choice without any barriers stopping it. Once you have done so, it is recommended to turn it on, so that your device might get the protection.

Step 1: Within the extreme left corner of your taskbar, there is an icon having the Windows Logo. Select that icon.


Step 2: A list of applications available in the device will open up. With that, there will be some smaller icons in the bottom-left corner. Within them, select the ‘Settings’ Icon.


Step 3: Press the following options one by one:

Option no.1: Update and Security


Option no.2: Windows Security

win security

Option no.3: Virus and threat protection

virus protection

Option no.4: Manage Settings

propection settings

Step 4: If all the above-given items are selected in the correct order, the information regarding your Real-Time protection will be displayed. Within this, there will be a blue option showing the ‘on’ sign. Select it and within the display, the ‘Off’ Sign would appear.

disable real time

Step 5: Press ‘Yes’

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